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Best Adult Toys For Men & Women -

If you're shopping for adult toys to take your intimate moments from satisfying to mind-blowing, you've come to the right corner of the internet. As a top adult sexstore online, we're the only stop you'll need to make to find the sex toys that will drive you crazy in the best way.  Discover more about Toy Hero and why we're our customers' top choice for all things adult sex toys.

Our Mission — Why Shop Toy Hero for Your Adult Toys

As an adult sex store, we want to provide the sex toys that will have you shouting for more. We offer a wide range of products so that everyone can find precisely what they're looking for. Not only that, but we have sexual toys that will fit anyone's sexual needs and budget.  We're dedicated to selling only high-quality products so that our customers get the most out of every dollar they spend with us. With top customer service and the best sexy toys on the market in one place, you simply can't go wrong when you shop at Toy Hero

What We Offer

Who doesn't like the sound of “sexy toys”? Nobody! But what exactly will you get when you shop our sexstore online?  At Toy Hero, we offer everything from luxury to cheap sex toys, so every budget is welcome here to find a toy that will drive you wild. We also offer both female and male sex toy products. No matter your preference, fetish, or kink, we have what you're looking for.  Explore our products and see how our adult toy store can help your climax reach new heights.


Dildos are adult sex toys that look like penises and function much like them as well with a little help. However, there is a great variety of dildos to suit precisely what you need:

  • Realistic Dildo: This is made to resemble a real cock as much as possible. From realistic coloring to added veins, you'll wonder why you ever thought you needed the real thing.
  • Anal Dildoes: These have a flared base so that you can safely use them anally without fear of them becoming lodged too far up the canal.
  • Double Dildo: Rather than only one usable end, you get two dildos in one! This can be used for double penetration on one person or for intimate moments between partners.
  • Strap Dildo: Even someone without a penis can strap this on and penetrate their partner.
  • Thrusting Dildo: Don't want to do all the work during your solo session? A thrusting dildo features a mechanism that allows for realistic thrusting action without the need for a partner.

Shop our adult store for dildos that match your preference. 

Sex Machine

Sex machines are much like dildos, but they're even more luxurious and ideal for solo play. These eliminate the need for hands and do all the thrusting, jerking, and rocking for you. These sexy toys vary in their speed, special features, and mounting options. Some are also better suited for vaginas while others are best for anal penetration.  Our adult store features many sex machines that can be used for masturbating and even partner play. Discover more sex machines in our adult toy store. 


Our adult shop doesn't just offer what can penetrate, but what you can wear as well. And with the right set of lingerie, your partner won't be able to resist you.  When you shop lingerie from adult shops, you don't just get sexy lace. Adult shops can also offer lingerie pieces with an extra kick. For example, our vibrating panties will keep you stimulated and ready to go without a finger in sight. Our adult shop also offers specialty items like crotchless panties and bondage wear. This way, your partner and adult toys always have an opening.

Male Masturbators

Ready to treat your cock to an experience like no other? Because masturbating just got a lot better.  When you shop from our adult store, we have the male masturbators to keep you counting the hours until your next solo session. Check out our blowjob machine that will give you the feeling of being sucked all night long. And with a pocket pussy, you'll never need to go without as you take this small, convenient sex toys on the go.

BDSM Sexual Toys

BDSM is a popular kink that relies on bondage, dominance, submission, and masochism. But what good is bondage if you don't have the right adult toys in your collection?  BDSM toys are designed to give you all the excitement and intensity of bondage but with safe, high-quality products. This means you can focus on the enjoyment of dominating or submitting to your partner without worrying that the handcuffs will break or the ball gag will cause a problem for your mouth.  If you're a BDSM enthusiast, you need adult shops that has everything you need at an affordable price. You'll find everything at Toy Hero

Clitoral Stimulation Sex Toys

Sexy toys for women aren't just about penetration and dildoes. At our adult toy store, we also have products that will target one of your most sensitive areas — your clitoris.  Whether it's a clit sucker or clit vibrator, you can find all the sensations that will leave you satisfied. Whether you use it to target your spot while your partner penetrates you or bring it out for an evening alone, you'll have mind-blowing results from these adult sex toys.

Adult Toys for Extra Power

Want to give your partner everything they're begging for or even extend how long you last? We have the adult sex toys you need.  Cock sleeves are a great way to heighten the experience for your partner. By putting a penis sleeve on your cock, you'll have extra ribbing, a harder penis, or even some extension for extra penetration. Want to make your natural asset harder and bigger? You can't go wrong with a penis pump from our adult shops.

The Importance of an Adult Sex Store You Can Trustl

Every adult store is exactly the same, right? Wrong. When it comes to shopping for your most intimate sex toys, you need an adult store that will always bring you the best results.  Learn more about the benefits of adult toys and why you only want to buy them from a reliable vendor like Toy Hero.

Shop Sexy Toys You'll Love

Not all sexy toys are created equal. Just because you see a high price tag doesn't mean they're high in quality. And what's the point of buying and shipping sexy toys only for them to be disappointing? That's not sexy at all.  For high-quality products that come in a range of affordability, you only want to buy from an adult store you can depend on for the best results. At Toy Hero, we stand by our adult sex toys and know you will love every one of them.

Level-Up Your Most Intimate Moments

No matter how sexy you find your partner or how much you care about them, things can get stale in the bedroom. And if you're not in a committed relationship, you want to make the most of your intimate moments between your evenings of masturbation. With so much on the line, you want sexual toys that will take your encounters from average to out of the world.  Don't assume sex has to be boring or ordinary. With an adult sex store to help, you can have the best sex ever every time.

Boost Your Self-Esteem and Confidence

People who regularly masturbate are more confident. That's because they take the time to cherish and treat their bodies to a breathtaking experience. It's not shameful or lame — it's a way of loving yourself.  When you enhance your solo sessions with sexual toys and treat yourself to a pocket pussy or clit sucker, your self-esteem will be higher, impacting every part of your life, even outside the bedroom.

Discover What Makes You Tick

If you struggle to tell your partner what you want or never seem to reach your climax, you need adult toys in your life.  These sex toys are ideal for exploration. Particularly during masturbation, you hold the power. This means you can try new things, test out new techniques, and see what flips the switch inside you. As you learn more about what you like, you can improve your sex life and even better communicate to partners what you like and don't. And want to really turn on your partner? Use your sexy toys to show them exactly what you want them to do to you.

Find Sexual Toys You'll Love at Toy Hero

Don't limit sex to fingers, mouths, and birthday suits. Adult sex toys and lingerie are the perfect additions to any sex life. Whether you just want to enjoy your alone time more, refresh a relationship, or explore new positions that are only possible with sex toys, Toy Hero is here to help.  Shop our wide range of adult toys today and find exactly what you've needed to have your best sex yet.

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